State Uttar Pradesh
District Allahabad
Taluka / Block Meja
Population of the Taluka/Tehsil/Block 471851
Villages in the taluka 387
Villages with population above 2000+
Number of Households 87482
Languages Spoken Hindi, Urdu
APMC market Yes
Domestic animal Bazaar/Pashu bazaar No
Bazaar day
Distance from district in KMs 42 km
Nearest national highway(National highway passing through) NH 36
State highway/ Nearest State highway SH 33
Nearest railway station Meja Road Railway Station
Nearest airport/aerdrome Bamrauli
Average temperature in celsius(Farenheit) 25.7 C
Soil type Black , gray soil, Clay loam to sandy loam
Crops Wheat, Rice, Arhar, Urad, Chana
Pilgrim centres