rural insightTM by Pradeep Lokhande

is an online open forum where he will publish his view points on various happenings and trends in rural India. The views will be based on his experience of closely interacting with the villagers, opinion leaders, students and understanding their behavior and culture.


Corona will go, but probably the world will get divided in to “two” ideologies;

  • We can SAVE humankind with money + technology + research
  • Humans require oxygen + water + food to SURVIVE

balanced ACT is an answer
Stay Safe & be Happy


greater consciousness of what needs to be left for the next generation: more literacy and less discrimination (economic & social).
1) गाव पढ रहा है, देश बढ रहा है|
2) A cash-less and “caste-less” Bharat.

A slow yet steady rise is being seen in quality of work force, largely due to improved quality of education and vocational training courses. A number of governmental initiatives have been key to driving this development.

Ironical that the largest agrarian economy, with the worlds largest elementary education system, doesn’t have agriculture as a subject in schools.

70 years on, Pune District continues to be managed by a single Collector/DM. What is different since 1949 is – the population has grown from 5 lakhs to 94 lakhs (9million+). Technology led solutions help vastly, but is more needed. …?

Good news:
with the help of Non-Resident Villagers (NRV) we have installed 3,820 “Gyan-key libraries” (read+write+speak) in 1,480 working day’s benefiting 10,00,570 (1 Million) rural secondary students. changed Dhule District of Maharashtra. Now the corporates and Non-Resident Villagers (NRV) too along with the Government initiatives can help change the 207 underprivileged districts of rural (tomorrow’s) India.