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Student Relations
rural relations believes in imparting knowledge irrespective of the duration of the project, students can always learn and derive benefits from the information. Each year management students from various reputed institutes join rural relations to get trained and execute their academic project.

We invite students doing their projects to join us and learn about tomorrow’s India!

Besides assisting management students, we are also always keen to provide knowledge to students who want to learn more about tomorrow’s India. In case there is any information that students require related to tomorrow’s India, which we have not covered on this website, please write to us at rural@ruralrelations.com and we will get back to you with necessary information.

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In order to clear the apprehensions about the effects of WTO and to prepare the farmers to face the future challenges and consequences, a drive was undertaken to create awareness among the farmers in which a 3 page infolet was posted to 22000 key/feeder villages. As a feedback rural relations received responses from 8000 villagers who conducted gramsabha at their respective villages and requested us for further information and queries.


Creative Branding
Creativity is not only confined to arts and literature, but it can also be evolved for marketing and sales promotions. Accordingly, in the past we have developed creative means which provide utility value for brand promotion. Some of them include redesigning the post man’s cycles, gifting volley ball net to rural youth, providing brand embossed umbrellas to senior citizens and women council members, height charts to schools, Laxmi calendar to shopkeepers, toothpaste & toothbrush to students. These ideas have acted as non conventional ways to promote brands and through this the brand repeatedly gets exposed to the consumers. These ideas are still in practice.


Election Support
Surveys on political situations and feedback on the opinion of voters has become a necessity to almost all parties including the independents to improve their chances of representation. With the help of village developersTM and as an avenue for them to earn further revenue for themselves, rural relations has ventured them into conducting many political surveys in rural areas. Villagers are viewed as different players. For instance we see them as opinion leaders, while corporate look at them as consumers and politicians see voters in them. The village developersTM essentially remain a true representative of their villages and a source of authentic information.


Drive Against Duplicate
The menace of spurious and duplicate brands is ever growing – the sale of spurious products with duplicate brand names is forever on the rise. The effect of such products is seen more on children. It’s an area for immediate concern. In order to make the rural consumer aware of the ill effect of such usage, awareness drives are continuously being conducted by rural relations especially on the bazaar days with the help of village developersTM.
Leaflets and book covers with information and awareness messages are given to villagers & secondary going school students who’re subjected to this menace. Precautionary measures against spurious products and brands, awareness of value-for-money are few of the themes of initiatives undertaken. These activities are undertaken in the areas of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra. And this drive is an on-going initiative by village developersTM.


Women Council Member
In the micro governance system (Panchayat Raj), the women council members have come to play a very important role as against to the odds of gender bias. In addition to their effective performance, they needed to be empowered in various spheres to help them contribute towards the development of their respective villages. Understanding importance of the same, an initiative has been undertaken to educate the women council members through various communication and interactive means about their responsibilities, powers, obligations and accountability to the people. Now these women are the face of the villages and any activity or communication targeted towards females can be routed through them.

Information Penetration
Change is in progress; the young generation farmers seek information and knowledge about several developments that take place in farming inputs, marketability and value creation, so that they can enhance their returns from the farming. In accordance to help the farmers to fulfil their expectations.

The Taluka places have been emerging as a mediatory point in the supply chain of the feeder market. It has gained importance because it is a prime delivery and Stockists point as also a challenge for corporate to invade them. rural relations has already been working towards it for the past many years and is trying to maintain a relationship base with 3000 Taluka places.


Preparation of 10th &12th Exams
rural relations has been in constant touch with the rural students on yearly basis for providing them knowledge about various means of preparation for their exams. By teaching them about small things like eating curd during examination, avoiding consumption of tea etc., we try to build a scientific temperament amongst the students and build their mental attitude. We also facilitate students by giving proper career guidance in various fields for their future.