Develop a basic online Clinical Management System for PHCs and encourage digital literacy among all the healthcare providers.

We can utilize the land, water and electricity at railway stations for conducting Skill Development Courses
Brigadier Lal

A team of naturalists, botanists and geologists can make the rural students learn from their natural surroundings

Create a prototype of each establishment- A typical PHC, school and the post office considering the one time and recurring requirements of resources and maintenance.

We can provide our clinical management solutions (Life Card) free to all PHCs
Dr. Vishakhadutta Patil

The success of bHub depends on how we, as citizens, support these efforts. Corona and Lockdown have given you basic lessons about your lifestyle. The quality of our life depends on what we learn from it.
Aarti Kulakarni

To promote bHub concept within NRV we should do Smart Digital marketing.

Involvement of youth in this initiative will help in taking this project further
Mr. Sharad Mande

The concept is promising

bHub will prove to be the most admired activity for community uplifting and sustainable development in the rural areas

The concept is good and doable but implementation of this concept will be a challenge
Gita Nair

The strength of bHub lies in the idea of utilization of the existing infrastructure
Mr. Ashok Mandore

Targeting the 6000 blocks is a good idea to start with
Rajani Paranjpe

Pilot projects in some places might inspire more organizations
Dr Bharat Kelkar

It is a novel way to weave the fabric of village ecosystem
Prof Atul Patankar

The concept is excellent as it also gives an advantage to the private industry by providing them a rural market
Prof Aditi Naidu

Collaboration with other NGOs working in the same geographical area could be an added help.
Richa Sankhla

Prefer the use of items made in the rural areas over industrial goods
Vijay Saldhana

To Create vocational training, language skills and local art on life skills in the same secondary school premises in the evenings
Prabhakar Rao

I feel the rural empowerment through employment/enhancement opportunities is the soul of bHub concept
Manish Soni

Bank assurance platform can be utilised to promote the bHub concept and get huge enrollments.

The establishments in the villages are governed by the Central and the State ministry. Modernization of these under bHub needs to be well articulated
Raju Thomas

more explanation needs to be added about what problem is being solved by the proposed value proposition.

The concept note needs to be broken into subheads to help draw attention on each area.
Prawin Tawade

Determine the key infrastructure interventions needed to make bHub sustainable.
Chris Samuel (AB)

The concept is nice. We need to mention why such facilities do not exist and are difficult to maintain