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The Non-Resident Villager (NRV) MovementTM is our effort to help you connect with your roots. Many of us are eager to reach out and make a difference to our motherland, in the least to our ancestral village…The rural relations network provides you an opportunity today.

As a part of  the Non-Resident Villager initiative, we have been instrumental in installing 20,000 computers in 20,000 village secondary schools. This was achieved in partnership with contributions from both corporates and individuals.

Today, individuals and corporates can gift a new computer or issue a cheque for Rs. 20,000 in favour of the manufacturer/distributor. rural relations will provide the logistical support and ensure that the new computer is installed in a village school as desired by the donor. Once the computer is installed, the school authorities and students will write to you expressing their gratitude and provide regular updates on the school’s progress.

Through the Non-Resident Villager (NRV) MovementTM we also organize exclusive video coverage of your native village. You will get a chance to visit your village, see your house, meet some of your old friends and relatives, see your school and teachers and do much more. We help connect you with your past for a nominal fee of $100.

Similarly, we also undertake special video recordings for those interested in knowing more about specifics such as Power, Health, Roads, Communication, Water or state of Sanitation in a particular village. These video recordings are undertaken at a special fee of $100 per village.

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